Most Interesting Image I’ve seen all week.


This image was shot by Daniel Riera. He is an amazing fashion photographer. This photo came out of a series he shot for Harper’s Bazaar magazine back in December 2016. I had to buy the magazine just because while I was scrolling through it, I saw these photos. The series is made of different saturations of pink mostly, with hints of brown and purple hues. This speaks to me because of its mystical nature. She looks like a beautiful imaginary creature. My favorite color is also pink so this would obviously speak to me. Her dress is very classical and unique, it reminds me of something my mother would wear. She’s also a beautiful black woman wearing her natural hair so she’s inspiring and just looking at her makes me think of family. The water beside her and the sand underneath her feet make me think of Jamaica. I think it’s well done and very intriguing. It inspires me to consider a career as a fashion photographer.

Helpful Public Speaking Article

Huffingtonpost always has great helpful and interesting articles. They are my favorite source of online news. Most importantly, it makes a point about organizing your thoughts. I feel this is the most important part of public speaking. No ones will listen to someone who is unorganized. It’s also important to take a deep breath, pronounce your words, and speak slowly so that the audience can hear. Also make sure to make eye contact. Lastly, know your audience.

Favorite Photo


Radio City Music Hall by Hiroshi Sugimoto, Year: 1978

This would be my favorite photo out of the presentation. It’s absolutely creative. I like the idea of making normal places look very mystical. This looks like a great ad for the theatre. It’s the type of photo that you have to look at twice. It seems almost impossible what he did. The zig zag line across the rows look very enchanting. The lines act as directional force and draw your eye into an inviting white light. Hiroshi Sugimoto is an inspiring photographer. He captures black and white photos beautifully. Most black and white photography bores me. His photos change my mind about that.

Five Influential Artists.


A Few Small Nips by Frida Kahlo. Medium: Paint,  Year: 1935

Frida Kahlo is one of my favorite artists. I admire her not only for her work but also as a person. She is an inspiration to me because she was a groundbreaking female artist. She did not care what people thought of her, she was a free and undeniably herself in the early 20th century which is a period where women were more conservative. She had a deep love for her life even though most of her life was filled with pain. This painting is one of my favorites of hers. Frida had undergone many surgeries, heartbreaks at the hand of her Husband, and even multiple miscarriages. She created this painting based on a news article where a boyfriend had murdered his girlfriend by stabbing her multiple times. He said “It was only a few small nips”. I think this painting is a reflection how Frida might’ve felt about her own body and also she felt about the relationship she had with Diego. I love the mix between gore and beauty.


Music Pink and Blue  No. 2 by Georgia O’Keefe. Medium: Oil paint, Year: 1918

I respect and admire Georgia O’Keefe not only as an artist but as a person. I think it’s important to remember it is important to remain humble and a good person no matter how famous you are. She was always a lovely person till the end. She always did what was right for her. She moved out into the dessert all by herself because that’s what her heart wanted. I want to be brave in life and with my art just as she was. Music Pink and Blue No.2 is my favorite painting by her. It is soft, sensual, and simple yet intriguing. It also has my favorite colors (pink, purple, and turquoise). I believe it is a painting of the vagina. I think it was very clever of her to paint this especially in the year 1918. She also exhibited the female form in a poetic way that was not pornographic.


Famous Negro Athlete by Jean-Michel Basquiat, Medium: Oil-stick on Paper, Year: 1981

Jean-Michel was a genius. He was determined to become a famous artist, he had drive and talent. He went from sleeping in a box to being a millionaire in a matter of years, which also led to his downfall. I’m proud of him because he made a prominent name for African American artists, he will always be an inspiration to me because of that. This is one my favorite works by Jean-Micheal Basquiat. I find it clever and even a little silly. I love the intricacy of his works. However, I also love his simplicity. He simply draws four misshapen heads of four “famous negro athletes”. This is funny to me because it can represent how media and the public can see black people as looking the same. I also appreciate they fact that they look somewhat menacing, which can represent the way the public can see black men as menacing. I also think it’s interesting that Jean-Michel preferred to write “Negro” instead of black which is the old way African Americans used to be referred as.


Judith by Kehinde Wiley, Medium: Oil paint, Year: 2012

Kehinde Wiley is a modern master. He remasters old Renaissance paintings of queens, kings, lordships, etc. and puts brown bodies in their places. The people that pose for him are everyday people he meets on the streets of Brooklyn, Harlem, and the Bronx. He’s currently going on a world series. His works on the people of Jamaica are another favorite of mine. This painting particularly speaks to me because it’s poetic. The background is extremely lavish, the dress this women wears is meant for a queen, her jewelry is gorgeous, and I have hoops just like those. She looks she could be my friend or my cousin. By recreating this image the power goes into the hands of a black women. The fact that she is cutting the head off of a white women simply means that she is ridding herself of European beauty standards placed upon her for hundreds of years.


Would-Be Martyr and 72 Virgins by David LaChapelle, Medium: Chromogenic Print, Year: 2008

David LaChapelle is a photographer that never fails to inspire me. His photos are always elaborate, colorful, and have a story to tell. He inspires my own photography. I wish to fully carry out my fantasies just as LaChapelle does. I want to shoot celebrities surrounded by vibrant colors. This image resonates with me for many reasons. The dolls are so well placed. This picture was very careful crafted and thought about. The dolls are dressed beautifully, I want their outfits. The man looks exactly like a ken doll. I love how the man, even though he’s huge compared to the dolls, is so weak. The women have all the power and about to destroy him. I think maybe he was an abusive husband or a womanizer. I love the story it tells.

Current State of Humanity


Most recently, America went through a defining moment. On January 21st, America had the biggest protest in American history. The Women’s March was a demonstration mostly by feminist women with supportive men by their side. This protest was not limited to Americans, countries such as Australia, Europe, Mexico, and Malawi to name a few also participated. This photo shows diversity of human populations including the flags of our many different countries. This photo shows the human fight against injustice. The recent election of Donald Trump into power as President of the United States brought to light corruption and scandal and the importance of women’s and human rights. 3.1 million American protestors were outraged by the inauguration of a man that is sexist, homophobic, and racist. In this day and age we are striving towards equality. Human beings in general nowadays would not want anything hindering our growth and efforts we’ve made towards equality and peace.

UK - Candle Light Vigil for Michael Brown at US Embassy in London

Humans can be cruel and indecent. We often lack compassion and care especially for minority groups of the African diaspora. The history of America and the world is riddled with the blood of black lives. Right now, we are coming to the realization that privilege exists. You are much more likely to be happier and more successful if you’re of European descent and your skin is lighter. People of the African diaspora do not receive the same economic opportunities, healthcare, or education systems. Our standard of living is much lower in a general sense. I feel the world is waking up to this and humans are unafraid of speaking their mind. African Americans are more likely to be targeted after the police than a white person. Often these ordeals with police end in the bloodshed of an innocent person. Even if they were not innocent, a black person is more likely to be shot or receive a longer jail sentence than a white person. Micheal Brown, Freddie Gray, and Eric Garner are just three examples of police violence that caused a needless death. These deaths caused riots and protests around the country and brought light to racism across the world.


Right now, a transfer of power just happened. President Barack Obama’s term of eight years has ended and our next elected President Donald Trump has been inaugurated.  America is a huge country with a far reaching sphere of influence, we effect every single country across the world somehow. The world witnessed America’s first African American male experience presidency for eight years. This action created resounding hope throughout the world. Hope for equality and opportunity. This incredible achievement was somewhat smeared by the next elected president. A man who has at many times disrespected the name of Barack Obama, homosexuals, women, and minority groups. It shows different sides of humanity. Humanity seeks for progress, but it also can be ignorant, greedy, and hold on to the past. Both presidents in this image have a grimace on their face while shaking hands. I think this photo describes both sides of America at this point and the world’s view as they look at “the most powerful country in the world”.