What Inspires You?

My goal in life is to be a famous, important, and impactful artist. I hope to provide a meaningful experience and a lasting impact with the art I make. I want to leave behind a great abundance of work. I like to make my presence through my style and self image. However, I want my artwork is what I want people to think of first when they think of Ariana Stoll. People find me beautiful and that’s nice, but as a beautiful black women, I want to find success through my talents and not just physical aspects of myself. I believe that we have wasted time and lost many talented black artists. History has been difficult. Of course, many artists of African descent have experienced great success. However, the art world is much more inclined to favor a white artist over a darker skinned artist. It is more male oriented. So as a black female artist, I want to overcome both boundaries. If their wasn’t so much prejudice, their would be more famous back successful artists, because the art world is just overwhelming white. I also want to increase representation. It just makes me happy to see a black person be successful, because I know it’s so easy to fall by the wayside. I hope to inspire young black kids one day, especially the artistically inclined. Art is just very rarely seen as important in black neighborhoods because their are “more important” things to take care of. I hope to one day to bring art back into my neighborhood as well. Everyday, I wake up with thoughts like these in mind. I won’t feel fully accomplished until a work of mine is hanging in the Met, the Studio Museum, or the Guggenheim. I want to be one of the greatest such a Frida Kahlo or Jean-Michel Basquiat. I hope to represent Jamaican, Guyanese, and African-american artists.

“American Gothic” by Gordon Parks.



If you could buy one fine-art photo, regardless of the price, which one would you buy? Why?

This photo of Frida Kahlo was shot by Leo Matiz. I’m incredibly inspired by this image. Frida Kahlo is filled with such and poise and grace. The composition is lovely, so it the negative space. The subject of course is captivating. It is very well composed, and has a strong sense of visual flow. This photo just fills me with pride to be a female artist.

What is your favorite photograph in your home?

This is my favorite photo in my whole house. This is the only photo I have of it because I can no longer find the photo album. I have to paint it so that it can become eternal. I always found this photo fascinating. Maybe I didn’t appreciate enough, because now I feel bad that I can’t find the album. This photo was an accidental blend of two photos but I feel that it perfectly describes my mother and I. My mom is a beautiful, well dressed woman. I love it when she smiles and I love her pose in this picture. I also think I look adorable and that my mother dressed me well when I was little. I think the little addition of the pink barbie box fits well, it forecasted my future love for pink. I also like that we are both the same scale even though you can tell I’m only a little girl. I think this is just a sweet image and I love my mom so it means a great deal to me.

What was the last deliberate thing you did to effect social change?

I think Social change can be something done on a large scale or even a small scale action such as holding the door for old people. I also think that little good deeds add up and make big differences. I don’t take plastic bags from stores anymore. I find accepting plastic bags to be annoying. Plastic bags are so abundant. Plastic bags an be recycled and my family does recycle them. However, I feel that eventually it becomes overwhelming. I just carry a big bag with me, or I’ll carry the item, or I’ll fit into whatever bag I have. Everyday, that I leave my house, there’s a giant tree on the corner of my block and there’s a plastic bag that’s been stuck on one of its’ branches for years. Plastic in all forms is just bad for the environment. I also try to use a refillable water bottle when I can.

Have you ever sworn that you’ve seen something that others didn’t?

I think that has happened to me too many times, at different points in my life. I gave up on explaining things to people because I don’t want to seem crazy. Or either I’ve explained it to people then they don’t understand or believe me. Subsequently, I think my brain just doesn’t take it as special anymore. Also, being Caribbean, we believe strongly in the spiritual world. I think my mom is psychic. I think of myself as a spiritual person. I don’t categorize myself in any particular religion. I do believe that there’s other types of beings out in the universe and our actions create a cause and effect, I.e karma. I do recall this one time, that I’ll never forget. There was a demon in my parents’ room. I would be home alone  a lot during my tween and early teen years. I would hear little noises coming out of their room. My parents would argue a lot in that room. I use to have to go to church with my family. One day, our pastor told us that their was something in the room making them upset. The pastor came to the house and cleansed the room. As I was watching this, I saw a black figure appear then disappear, My parents at least didn’t argue as much anymore. It was a really interesting experience.

Interview of my Jamaican mother

1. What is one of the most beautiful things you have ever seen?

“I would haffi’ say that was a double rainbow. I saw it ‘ova sa’.” My mom said as she pointed  to “The Avenue”/ Which is a slang term Mount Vernonites call the main street for shopping.

2. What is one of the most beautiful things you have ever experienced?

Seeing my children’s faces at birth.

3. What is your favorite memory or story about me?

“When you were 6 years old, You asked me for a wig for your birthday.”

Most Interesting Image I’ve seen all week.


This image was shot by Daniel Riera. He is an amazing fashion photographer. This photo came out of a series he shot for Harper’s Bazaar magazine back in December 2016. I had to buy the magazine just because while I was scrolling through it, I saw these photos. The series is made of different saturations of pink mostly, with hints of brown and purple hues. This speaks to me because of its mystical nature. She looks like a beautiful imaginary creature. My favorite color is also pink so this would obviously speak to me. Her dress is very classical and unique, it reminds me of something my mother would wear. She’s also a beautiful black woman wearing her natural hair so she’s inspiring and just looking at her makes me think of family. The water beside her and the sand underneath her feet make me think of Jamaica. I think it’s well done and very intriguing. It inspires me to consider a career as a fashion photographer.